Eribé, The Art of Knitting

The traditional Scottish design house & knitwear manufacturer ERIBÉ – founded in 1989- subscribes to the ‘Made in Scotland’ principle of the production process, but does have a convinced ERIBÉ– fanbase all over the world: ERIBÉ collections are for sale in more than 200 prestigious stores spread over sixteen countries!

ERIBÉ knitwear puts an original geeft een original, contemporary twist on the trusted Scottish tradition. The designers innovatively mix patterns and colors to create the unique, colorful ERIBÉ style.

Each ERIBÉ– piece incorpprates the tricks of the trade that have been passed down generations in scotland for centuries. That is why in every ERIBÉ item you have a durable product that looks great, feels good, and that also lasts for years. ERIBÉ opts for beautiful bright and soft colors in high-quality, natural yarns such as lambswool and merino. ERIBÉ items are soft and strong and really keep you warm.

ERIBÉ as a company there is the atmosphere of one big family where everything revolves around involvement: with the designers, the hand knitters, the mill technicians, the suppliers, the agents, with the buyers and ultimately with YOU as a customer. Wherever you live in the world and whoever you are: you always feel extra positive, youthful and happy in an ERIBÉ item.

ERIBÉ knits clothes and accessories for women, men and children, as well as for interiors. We at MAAK! say about ERIBÉ: seeing is believing!