SEASALT combines the beautiful with the useful with the softest, most comfortable and most beautiful fabrics

Eribé has sustainable products that look great, feel great, and last for years to come.

Making the practical beautiful: All weather conditions are good when you wear Danefæ!

CIRCUS is authentic Irish design, vintage style and ethically produced.

Traffic People seeks to encompass the latest fashion trends in a contemporary style with a vintage, edgy feel

Nemonic Shoes

Nemonic a small well-known shoe company with a great passion for shoes

Icke Berlin imaginative, wearable, feminine fashion with a touch of humor and a unique Berlin touch

‘Slow fashion’ is for UVR BERLIN al most 20 year their starting point

Chills & Fever – part of Green Queens – chooses a soft quality fabrics that feel great and at the same time are easy to maintain. Sustainable and wearable fashion, for years of pleasure.

CISSI OCH SELMA designs to make people feel happy and comfortable and to bring more color into the streets.

SORUKA keywords are: Unique · sustainable · Handmade

Pamela Mann 10
logo Pamela Mann

PAMELA MANN is the largest supplier of printed hosiery in Europe, print their legwear in-house, resulting in quick turnaround on trends

Vintage Diva is born from a love for vintage dresses.

Glamour Bunny offers glamour, elegance and style in the form of retro-inspired clothing